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For decades, medical researchers have been struggling to find an effective treatment or cure for age-related declines in brain function. Today, one natural supplement is entirely redefining how doctors design Alzheimer’s treatment plans, and patients are reporting improved memory, effortless decision-making and sharper focus after only a few days of treatment.

Cognizine was developed by Dr. Sam Walters, a world-renowned nutritionist who designs dietary systems for NASA. After treating more than 80,000 patients, Dr. Walters incorporated decades of research to develop a formula that makes the structure and function of the human brain 12 years younger.

Cognizine Increases Blood Flow to the Brain and Stimulates Neurotransmission

No longer do seniors need to accept cognitive decline as a natural part of aging. By taking advantage of modern science, metal clarity and laser-like focus can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Dr. Walters says that these effects are most pronounced in patients over the age of 40, but even younger people can benefit from the supplement’s mind-stimulating benefits.

Cognizine Contains Four Natural Ingredients That Produce Astonishing Cognitive Effects

Researchers are baffled by just how effective Cognizine is at improving memory, neurotransmission and language skills, but how does it work?

There are four key ingredients in the Cognizine formula:

1. Bacopa Monieri

Bacop Monieri is derived from a white flower that grows on the River Ghanges in India. Ancient texts describe how the flower gave people the super-human ability to memorize 9,000 pages of text.

Today, more than a dozen studies have shown the effectiveness of Bacopa Monieri in improving memory. It also increases the production of GABA, a vital neurotransmitter that controls mood.

An Australian study that included 100 older patients demonstrated that the plant enhances memory acquisition, recall and verbal learning. The study, which was published in 2005, required that the participants eat the flower for only 12 weeks.

2. Huperzia serrate

Huperzia serrate stimulates the brain to produce more acetylcholine, which tends to decline with age. Acetylcholine is a vital neurotransmitter that plays a role in attention span and sensory perception.

3. Vinpocetine

Vinpocetine protects neurotransmitters and increases blood flow to the brain. More than 40 countries already use this chemical compound to treat dementia. Not only does it prevent neuron death, but it also has been shown to improve mathematics, memory and language skills.

4. Ginko Biloba

Last but certainly not least, Ginko Biloba is a well-known treatment for a number of mental and cardiovascular conditions. It is one of the most effective methods of improving blood flow to organs and tissues. This brings more oxygen to the brain, which jumpstarts your mental faculties.

Pharmaceutical companies are doing their best to eliminate this highly effective supplement from the market. While it’s still available, and before prices for this miracle supplement skyrocket, try Cognizine today!


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